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Pochodne kumaryny jako molekularne sensory fluorescencyjne stosowane do monitorowania procesów fotopolimeryzacji

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This paper presents research on the use of coumarin derivatives as fluorescent molecular probes for monitoring cationic and free radical photopolymerization processes, using for that purpose modern FPT method (Fluorescence Probe Technology). Literature review on the main trends of applications and spectroscopic properties of coumarin derivatives was described. In the following part of publication, relations between change of fluorescence characteristic and physicochemical changes occurring in the polymerizable composition, (both microviscosity and polarity) were explained. This article also presented the basic methodology of studies on the control of the photopolymerization reaction on-line and off-line, using fluorescence spectroscopy and parameters such as: fluorescence intensity ratio R, number of progress of the reaction β and molecular probe sensitivity S.

Ключевые слова

fluorescence probes; cationic photopolymerization; radical photopolymerization; coumarin derivatives; FPT; polymerization processes monitoring

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