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Technical Issues
3/2015 pp. 56-62

Zastosowanie metod numerycznego odwrócenia przekształcenia Laplace’a w modelowaniu matematycznym wybranych procesów inżynierii chemicznej

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The main aim of this work was a choice of a suitable numerical inversion method of Laplace transform to solving the model of gas flow through the measuring system for the determination of effective diffusion coefficient. In this paper, selected numerical Laplace inversion methods have been shown. These methods were implemented in the computer algebra system Maple®. Calculations have been made for a few tests of mathematical functions and the equation of heat conduction. The results allowed us to compare the accuracy of the calculations and speed of selected numerical inversion methods for Laplace transform. The Gaver-Stehfest method has proven the most effective to solving this problem.

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Laplace transform, numerical Laplace inversion methods, Maple program

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