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Rola czynnika funkcjonalnego w procesie przemijania architektury

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Passing away is an inevitable and a natural process which effects on all material and immaterial things. Elements of nature pass away, culture passes away, and the works of art created by man pass away too. Every day we observe a continuous and the oldest cycle of death and birth - spectacle played out throughout day and night. Mystical phenomenon of succession of dawn and dusk has a direct impact on the human environment, including architecture, which is also subjected to the process of passing. At the turn of the century we can see a sine wave of changes, which buildings are subjected to - evolution of their form and function. All occurring transformations are caused by the need, and erecting architectural objects aims at satisfying this need. With time the role which they have played disappears. The objects get older and pass away.

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architecture, the life cycle of buildings, function, passing away

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