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Technical Issues
2/2016 pp. 53-59

Analiza numeryczna pracy wymiennika ciepła z awaryjną nieszczelnością

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Heat exchangers belong to the group of devices, whose proper operation is essential for the proper conduct of industrial processes. The growing influence of numerical methods in the design stage of exchanger, allows to optimize their design in terms of efficiency and meet the specified thermal parameters. A relatively new way to use numerical simulation is the study of unsteady heat transfer that characterized their work during failure. The article presents results of numerical analysis of the operation of a hypothetical heat exchanger with emergency leak of one of the coils. The effects of stream loss in the pipe and change of flow dynamics of entire system were taken into consideration. The importance of location of leak on the behavior of heat exchanger was also taken into account. The simulation was performed using the commercial software Autodesk Simulation CFD.

Ключевые слова

heat exchangers, emergency leak, numerical calculation

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