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4/2016 pp. 78-82

Test mikrojądrowy w retrospektywnej dozymetrii biologicznej

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Rapid retrospective biological dosimetry allows absorbed dose evaluation post exposure to ionizing radiation. One of the main tools of biodosimetry is based on the analysis of the effects resulting from the impact of ionizing radiation on the cell. Various cytogenetic tests give possibility of the accurate dose estimation. To investigate cell response to radiation one performs the analysis of biomarkers approved by International Atomic Energy Agency e.g. the analysis of dicentric chromosomes or micronuclei frequency. Micronucleus test is relatively a faster and therefore more effective method to study changes in the genetic material, induced by various genotoxic agents. This study confirms that micronulei frequency and nuclear division index analysis allows for appropriate absorbed dose estimation when it comes to ionizing radiation. In order to further optimize and facilitate the micronucleus assay and other cytogenetic tests in rapid retrospective biological dosimetry, the research are still ongoing.

Ключевые слова

micronuclei, micronucleus assay, retrospective biological dosimetry, ionizing radiation, cell death

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